4 Reasons Why Manufactured Homes are Better Than Townhomes

If you’re wanting to find a retirement home that fits your budget and lifestyle, then a manufactured home would be a great fit for you! Check out the top reasons why retirees choose to live in a manufactured housing communities like West Park 55+ in West Des Moines.

1. Your Own Space

Living in a townhome can feel a lot like living in an apartment complex or a duplex. You will find that you are attached to your neighbors, sharing walls with them. With a manufactured home, you’ll be pleased to find that you’re not sharing walls with anyone! You won’t have to listen to your neighbors or worry about them listening to you.  Plus in West Park, every home includes a 2+ car garage and oversized decks for entertaining.

2. Better Accessibility

Nearly all townhomes are 2 or even 3 stories, and many retirees quickly realize how much of a burden that can be. Navigating narrow stairs throughout day is not our definition of the perfect retirement home and we have a feeling it probably isn’t yours, either. Our manufactured homes are one level having just a few stairs to get you from your vehicle to your front door, offering a safer environment and better accessibility.

3. Your Own Yard and Garden

One thing we hear often, is how much retirees missed their yards and gardens after moving into a 55+ townhome community. Life is finally slowing down enough to enjoy hobbies and suddenly they are without their beloved yards. With a manufactured housing community, like West Park 55+, you’ll have access to your own yard and can have a garden too, with the flexibility to landscape and plant as you choose.

4. More Affordable

When you factor in the cost of the townhome, land taxes, insurance, and association dues, you’ll quickly find your hard-earned retirement savings are going to more than just your home. You can reduce expenses and gain a full yard, when you choose a manufactured home. Check out this handy price comparison.

Our Premier 55+ Community: West Park in West Des Moines

Our West Park retirement community offers a safe, secure environment where active seniors can live their very best lives. Our growing community is the perfect place for anyone who wants to downsize to enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle. We’re located minutes from restaurants, grocery stores, golf courses, churches, movie theaters, and shopping. Plus, West Des Moines is also home to green spaces for outdoor enthusiasts. Camping, kayaking, and hiking are available at Walnut Woods State Park or Racoon River. There are so many ways to stay active and make new friends.

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