Big Homes Come with Big Mortgage Payments

Psst … manufactured homes give you the best of both worlds! You have access to 2-to-3-bedroom homes with spacious closets, open floor plans, and enough storage space for your whole family.

All that room comes at a lower price! Did you know that manufactured homeowners spend less on housing and more on things they want to do? Yes! With lower house payments, their money is freed up for other things!

Manufactured Housing Offers an Affordable Lifestyle

A study conducted by Trifecta Research reveals that people who own manufactured and mobile homes have high satisfaction with their homes and have more money in savings.

Operating with tight finances is never fun. Manufactured homes have a lower price per square foot than site-built homes and property taxes are lower as well. Did you know …

  • Manufactured homeowners are twice as likely to have retirement savings as renters.
  • 62% of manufactured homeowners say they’re living comfortably or doing OK financially.

The Days of “Mobile” Are Gone

Today’s manufactured homes are built to last … and stay in one place. Today’s homeowners plan to stay in their home at least 10 years!

That same study shows that 62% of people surveyed said they were extremely satisfied or very satisfied with their manufactured housing choice!

Homeownership Made Possible

Many who visit our communities are shocked to learn just how affordable it is to own a manufactured home and how assessable it is to them. For many, this is their chance to finally own their own home! Manufactured homeowners enjoy the opportunity to build real equity, something you can never say about apartment rent.

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