Manufactured Home Decorating Tips & Ideas

Decorating Tips

Finding helpful manufactured home decorating tips & ideas is not the easiest thing to do online but we are hoping to help with that. Some small investments into the right places can increase the enjoyment and value of your home in a weekend!

Backsplashes are Affordable Kitchen Updates

Installing a new backsplash is an affordable way to give your mobile home kitchen a whole new look. There is a material and color for every style and you can install a new backsplash in a weekend. It’s a great DIY project. Tin backsplash tiles are more affordable than you’d think, and they are frequently found on sale. You can buy 4 – 18″x 24″ Vinyl Backsplash Tiles or a 4 pack 9″x 11″of peel & stick backsplash tiles for around $16 to $19 (at a local hardware store) and transform your kitchen to something like this!

Decorating Tips

Have 4 Light Sources in Each Room

Professional interior designers will tell you that there should be 4-5 different light sources in every room, and rooms painted in darker colors, need even more. Here are 10 different types of lighting you can choose from: ceiling, task, floor lamps, recessed, pendant, table lamps, walls sconces, up-lighting, spotlights, and track lighting.

For kitchens; ceiling mounted lighting, recessed, pendant, and task lighting are the most important. They are all especially helpful when there isn’t a lot of windows or natural light. Add some lighting to areas of your home to increase the warmth and functionality.

Decorating Tips

White Ceilings are Perfect for Mobile Homes

Clean bright ceilings, like the photo above, in a manufactured home is important because it’s one of the most useful, and affordable, updates you can make in a home. It will add to all the lighting in the area enhancing your beautiful room.

Mirrors are Magical

Mirrors are a manufactured home’s best friend. They bounce light around and create the illusion of space. Place them everywhere you possibly can! Mirrors work especially well opposite of windows and in areas with little natural light.

Decorating Tips

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage above the toilet does two things: it adds storage, of course, but it also adds a vertical pull for the eye which makes the ceiling feel taller.

Decorating Tips

Most of the home decorating tips provided doesn’t cost much at all. They are just suggestions that you can do, with the furniture and decor you already have, and we hope you found them helpful. We are all about saving money here, at Brenton Communities, while providing lasting value to your home!