Can I purchase a manufactured home with poor credit?

Manufactured Home Purchase

The answer may surprise you.

First, we sort out “credit hopeless” from “credit impaired” applicants. The credit hopeless seem to borrow money with little or no understanding, or worse yet, with little or no intention of paying it back.

Credit impaired applicants are generally honest folks who’ve hit a bump in the road – illness, divorce, job loss, real estate foreclosure, etc.

For the credit impaired, there is hope of obtaining financing through licensed mortgage loan originators and we have some we can recommend! We have had the training and experience to evaluate your credit report, job situation, income, and down payment to determine if a manufactured home loan will work for you.

Manufactured home loans can be:

Uncomplicated Upon community approval, submitted loan applications can be approved within 24-48 hours, and can close as quickly as 2 weeks once needed documents are provided.
Wealth-Building Most loans require 10% down payment. Short term loans (10-15 years) build up equity faster in your home.
Fair Very minimal closing costs or processing fees are included in the loan so you do not pay out of pocket closing costs. No prepayment penalties. Fully amortizing, fixed rate loans with no balloon payments.
Easy Your monthly payments include taxes and insurance (“escrow”). We take care of paying your annual property tax bill and homeowner’s insurance for you.
Convenient Check payments can be mailed, automatic payments can be set up, or pay online, which ever you prefer.
Flexible The loan is closed on the date/time chosen by the buyer, takes place in the community office, with the community manager present to answer any questions that might arise.
Affordable Interest rates for used manufactured homes are competitive with local and national lenders. New home APR is around 8%, depending on credit.


Manufactured home loans are available to customers purchasing, both new and used homes, in any Brenton Community:  Park View, West Park, Eagle Ridge, New Horizons, Mel Ray, Boone Estates, and Sunrise.  Choose your community and home today, then see if you qualify!  Contact a community manager today for more information.  You’ll be one step closer to owning the home of your dreams!